Laukka Collection is a jewellery line for men and women designed by Marko Björs and made by Alexander Tillander´s jewellers in Helsinki, Finland. The Collection is inspired by equestrian sports and -lifestyle. Jewellery line is also a tribute to horse as an animal, that´s been affecting designers life on a many levels during he´s career as a rider, coach, stable entrepreneur and coach of the Finnish national dressage team. The Collection is reflecting Scandinavian minimalism, but also presenting luxury side of equestrian sports. Timeless style of Laukka Collection have made it´s way also to costumers outside the equestrian world.


Marko Björs

– born 1969
– National trainer in dressage, runs a stable.
– Awarded the Finnish Equestrian Federation’s golden award (2014) for equestrian achievements and golden
rider’s award.
– 30 medals on national championship level in dressage, successful in international Grand Prix classes.
– Published two books on riding.
– Awarded for entrepreneurship and animal protection work.
– Worked as journalist, photographer, model, hosted programs on radio and TV.